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Sun Mar 12 07:31:09 UTC 2006

#1495: Initial uPnp support
 Reporter:  MythTv at TheBlains.net  |       Owner:  ijr 
     Type:  patch                 |      Status:  new 
 Priority:  minor                 |   Milestone:  0.20
Component:  mythtv                |     Version:  head
 Severity:  medium                |  
 I have attached my first diff (against SVN 9320) for uPnp support.

 == Installation: ==

 There are 3 xml files that are used to describe the upnp devices/services
 in mythtv. A 'make install' will copy them to the same directory as the
 executables.  In order for the application to know where the files are you
 MUST add a setting to the database:

           upnpDescXmlPath = /usr/local/bin/

 I'm sure there is a better way to handle this, and am open to suggestions.

 Also, if you want to assign a friendly name to be displayed on upnp
 clients you can add this setting to the database (If it does not exist, it
 will build a default name with the hostname embedded in it.)

         upnpFriendlyName = "MythTv..."

 == Features / Limitations ==

 1) Only Recorded programs are displayed on the client and I have not
 included groups yet.

 2) I used a D-Link DSM-520 as the playback client when testing... I had to
 add device specific code for it not to treat MythTv as a foreign server.
 (If an <mpeg file name>.idx file existing, then FF & FB work... I don't
 know how to create these files yet, I had to use videoi.exe on a windows
 machine to generate one)

 3) The Connection Manager Service is NOT implemented yet.

 4) uPnp Subscriptions & Events are not implemented yet.

 5) All upnp & other methods can be accessed via SOAP, Form POST or by REST
 (query strings).

 6) I have added a handful of methods that return XML (these were added
 before I started the upnp support... Some will be enhanced in the future
 to be more upnp like).

         /                     Same as getStatusHTML
         xml                   Same as getStatusXML

         getStatusHTML           Returns the original HTML Status Page

         *** All of the following return XML ***

         getStatusXML            Returns the current Status Data
         getProgramGuide         Returns a subset of the program listings
         getHosts                Returns a list of unique Hosts contained
 in the Setting table.
         getKeys                 Returns a list of unique Keys in the
 Setting Table
         getSetting              Returns a Keys value
         putSetting              Sets a Keys Value
         getChannelIcon          Retrieves the channel Icon
         getRecorded             Retrieves a list of Recorded Programs
         getPreviewImage         Retrieves a recorded programs thumbnail
         getRecording            Retrieves a complete recorded video (***
 Used for upnp playback)

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