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Wed Mar 8 01:48:38 UTC 2006

#1095: Add EIA-708 caption decoding
 Reporter:  danielk  |        Owner:  danielk
     Type:  task     |       Status:  new    
 Priority:  minor    |    Milestone:  0.20   
Component:  mythtv   |      Version:  head   
 Severity:  medium   |   Resolution:         
Comment (by danielk):

 (In [9291]) References #1095. UI cleanup for captions/subtitle/teletext.

 Puts the EIA-608 and EIA-708 captions in the track selection system
 previously only used for subtitles and audio. This also tells you what
 language these streams are in if this information is available in the PMT.

 Puts all the caption types into an SetCaptionsEnabled(bool) method which
 selects the best set available. TOGGLECC uses this function to toggle the
 best available caption. For instance, if two captions in a different
 language are available the one in your most preferred language is chosen,
 subtitles are preferred over teletext, etc.

 Adds TOGGLE bindings for each type of caption and uses that in the
 individual caption menus rather than the global TOGGLECC.

 Adds a NEXTCC binding which allows you to go through all the available
 caption types including teletext menus in PAL countries.

 None of the new bindings have a keyboard binding by default, and I've
 removed the "^" default keybinding for TOGGLECC708. NEXTCC is the only one
 I could see as being of general use.

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