[mythtv-commits] Ticket #1452: mythfrontend stops responding to input after channel change

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Sat Mar 4 15:28:52 UTC 2006

#1452: mythfrontend stops responding to input after channel change
 Reporter:  ihateyou0 at hotmail.com  |       Owner:  ijr 
     Type:  defect                 |      Status:  new 
 Priority:  minor                  |   Milestone:      
Component:  mythtv                 |     Version:  0.19
 Severity:  medium                 |  
 Having upgraded from 0.18 to 0.19, the first time you change channel in
 live tv, either by typing a channel number or from the osd/schedule,
 mythtv tunes to the channel successfully but then stops responding to all
 keyboard input, including the escape key. This occurs 100% of the time.
 Restarting the frontend makes it work again, until you change the channel

 The second part of this ticket may or may not be related:


 The following forum thread (along with one or two others) is definitely


 It might be important to note that we are also using a dibcom 3000 dvb-t
 usb1.1 device as is the poster. In our case, the Artec T1.

 Lots of people suggested on the forums that this is a focus issue caused
 by window manager problems (we are using gnome). We tried alt-tabbing and
 using the mouse to regain focus and it made no difference. We upgraded to
 the latest version of the 0.19-fixes branch in svn (on 03/03/06 yesterday)
 and this also made no difference.

 We managed to work out that input for live tv is handled in

 Defining DEBUG_ACTIONS 1 allows you to see that keypresses are still being
 recieved on line 1734 even though the frontend is not responding, proving
 this is not a focus issue.

 Some debugging and adding of printfs showed that the problem seems to lie
 with the if statement on line 1902. Before a channel change, this block is
 not entered when a button is pressed and keyboard input works. However,
 after a channel change all keypresses seem to fall into this if statement.
 Replacing line 1902 with "if (false) {" causes keyboard input to start
 working again. Commenting out lines 1562, 1563, 1566 and 1567 is also
 required to make the escape key cause live tv to exit back to the main
 menu after a channel change.

 Obviously I didn't submit this as a patch because it probably isn't the
 right way to fix this. Hopefully that's enough for someone to figure out
 why that if statement is being entered when it shouldn't be.

 Adam Davison

 PS As per the howto i tried to assign this to someone, i put ijr as osd
 was the closest category I could find for this. Hope that isn't a problem.

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