[mythtv-commits] Ticket #1915: mythfrontend does not entirely heed the -display option

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Sun Jun 4 04:35:37 UTC 2006

#1915: mythfrontend does not entirely heed the -display option
 Reporter:  rl at tempest-sw.com  |       Owner:  ijr
     Type:  defect             |      Status:  new
 Priority:  minor              |   Milestone:     
Component:  mythtv             |     Version:     
 Severity:  low                |  
 myhtfrontend advertises the -display command line option, but does not
 always heed it. In particular, when I use my nVidia FX 5200 in dual-
 monitor mode, and from screen 0, I run "mythfrontend -display :0.1" to
 display myth on screen 1, almost everything works. But when it comes time
 to actually playback a recording (using XvMC), the screen goes blank.

 If I set the DISPLAY environment variable to :0.1 and do not use -display,
 everything works, and the playback is normal on screen 1. (Thus, I have a
 simple, completely effective workaround.)

 I checked the source code, and I see several instances of
 XOpenDisplay(NULL), which, of course, opens the default display, not the
 display that I specified with the -display command line.

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