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Tue Jan 31 07:53:09 UTC 2006

#1147: permissions problem -> coredump
 Reporter:  Cougar <cougar at random.ee>  |        Owner:  danielk 
     Type:  defect                     |       Status:  reopened
 Priority:  minor                      |    Milestone:  0.20    
Component:  mythtv                     |      Version:  head    
 Severity:  medium                     |   Resolution:          
Comment (by Cougar <cougar at random.ee>):

 First time it didn't crash. Then I came back to recordings menu and it it
 succeeded.. gdb.txt attached. In backend yesterday's [8789] was running,
 for frontend I just built [8797] with debug options. This doesn't happen
 always. Timing is important. Here is when and what I did:

 [New Thread 1101502496 (LWP 15252)]
 [New Thread 1107983280 (LWP 15257)]
  ... here I'm in main menu going to recordings ...
 [New Thread 1125178288 (LWP 15258)]
  ... now I'm in  recordings, left this without crash and went back to this
 screen ...
 [New Thread 1139694512 (LWP 15262)]
  ... I waited a little bit ...
 [Thread 1125178288 (LWP 15258) exited]
 [Thread 1139694512 (LWP 15262) exited]
  ... after both these threads finished (preview threads I think), I left
 menu and frontend crashed ...

 So, the important thing is that this happens only if thread finished
 before leaving recordings menu. Also this doesn't happen when I leave menu
 before thread finishied and come back later. Everything is OK as long as
 thread doesn't finish in recordings screen. When this happens everything
 works only as long as I don't leave this screen.

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