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Sat Feb 25 11:55:19 UTC 2006

#1394: High CPU consumption recording MJPEG
 Reporter:  nonymouse  |       Owner:  ijr
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 If I use lavrec (mjpegtools) to record a program from my Matrox G400 I get
 less than 1% cpu usage.  However when I record using Mythtv the cpu
 consumption goes up to over 90%.

 Why would that be?  Surely MythTV would/should simply transfer the MJPEG
 frames into the container of its choice (ie. NuppelVideo), and only
 perform a conversion if absolutely necessary.  There is often absolutely
 no need to convert from MJPEG to anything in software for playback either
 (when using lavplay for example).

 And why isn't there a simple configuration file which can be used to set
 up relevent command lines for various activities (like recording,
 playback, etc)?

 And why isn't a simple, well supported, video format like avi used (or an
 extension of it)? If the issue is timecode then avi can handle it in a
 compatible manner.

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