[mythtv-commits] Ticket #1347: JumpAmount nolonger settable on Myth 0.19

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Sun Feb 19 23:20:10 UTC 2006

#1347: JumpAmount nolonger settable on Myth 0.19
 Reporter:  steve at nexusuk.org  |       Owner:  ijr
     Type:  defect             |      Status:  new
 Priority:  minor              |   Milestone:     
Component:  mythtv             |     Version:     
 Severity:  medium             |  
 The JumpAmount setting nolonger appears to have any effect on Myth 0.19
 and there doesn't seem to be a option to set it from the UI.  Pressing the
 jump button always skips 10 minutes instead of the 4 minutes configured
 for JumpAmount.  Grepping the code shows no references to JumpAmount so I
 assume it has been intentionally removed, but I can't find any reference
 to it in Trac or through Google.

 Unfortunately, removing this feature renders the jump button pretty much
 useless for me, since I used it to skip commercial breaks which are
 usually about 4 minutes long, so having it fixed at 10 minutes is no good.

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