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Fri Feb 10 08:07:26 UTC 2006

#1219: LiveTV takes a while to start, and video jerks forwards
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 I reopened this ticket because this is clearly a regression to me.
 I'm free almost the whole weekend for helping in debugging, in case
 there's someone who tries to fix this.

 Here's my problem description from my reply to a list thread:

 I experience this problem with revision 8905.

 On a remote (over a WLAN connection) frontend machine that has 256MB
 RAM and a Duron 800MHz CPU, I get around 30 sec channel change times,
 and when I check the position bar after the channel is changed, I see
 that I have 30 sec of the program "to go". The video seems to "speed
 up" to catch the rest of the video for a while, thus jumping a bit due
 to the little processing power of the frontend machine.

 On the machine that hosts the backend (P4 2.6GHz, 1GB), I get the same
 effect, only it's less drastic: the change time (and the prebuffer
 length after channel change) is around 15-20 secs.

 The previous revision I used to run was 6946 and the delays was then
 around 5-10secs which is (almost) tolerable.

 Anything I can do to help tracking this out?

 If I have to binary search a revision in which this occured, it's going to
 take *a lots* of time, as the revision window is quite big and it takes
 1-2hours to recompile MythTV with my machines. But if it's the only way,
 I'm ready to do it too, time permitting.

 The problem seems to be that MythTV is overly cautious with prebuffering.
 The 30 sec buffer seems overkill to me.

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