[mythtv-commits] Ticket #1207: New functionality for music upload and playlist management for MythWeb

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Sun Feb 5 20:14:08 UTC 2006

#1207: New functionality for music upload and playlist management for MythWeb
 Reporter:  jason.kania at rogers.com  |        Owner:  xris   
     Type:  enhancement             |       Status:  new    
 Priority:  minor                   |    Milestone:  unknown
Component:  mythweb                 |      Version:         
 Severity:  medium                  |   Resolution:         
Comment (by jason.kania at rogers.com):

 I see that my development work is out of date due to architectural changes
 in the web which seem to have really cleaned things up. I have updated by
 svn view and worked through much of the refactoring to make the changes
 compliant with the new architecture.

 However, I have one main issue beyond those still outstanding in that the
 header inclusion and print out being done through the require_once call
 makes it such that I cannot cause actions to occur when the pages load
 from the lowest level scripts.

 In the previous architecture, everything derived from theme.php and thus I
 was able to modify theme.php to add a method call for setting up code to
 run in the body tag as follows:

 class Theme {


     var $onLoadScript;

     // Enable client side scripts to be added for initialization time
     function set_onLoadScript($script_name)
         $this->onLoadScript = $script_name;



 <body<?php if (!empty($this->onLoadScript)) print("
 ()\""); ?>>

 <div id="page_header" class="clearfix">


 Can you suggest a way that I may be able to reincorporate this
 functionality or allow me to initiate the print outs when the require_once
 call is made and after I have modified the body tag?

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