[mythtv-commits] Ticket #1213: PVR-350: LiveTV freeze when show ends

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Sun Feb 5 03:13:54 UTC 2006

#1213: PVR-350: LiveTV freeze when show ends
 Reporter:  jasonmollman at atlanticbb.net  |       Owner:  ijr
     Type:  defect                       |      Status:  new
 Priority:  minor                        |   Milestone:     
Component:  mythtv                       |     Version:     
 Severity:  medium                       |  
 Using svn 8862. While attempting to collect a gdb trace to help with
 ticket 971,mythfrontend froze at the end of a program, transitioning to
 another. Attached is the debug output. Attached is the trace, with -v
 playback, and a partial backend log with -v all,noaudio,nodatabase.

 System uses a pvr-350, internal decoder, ivtv 0.4.0.

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