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#942: Prebuffer pauses in LiveTV with SVN 8479
 Reporter:  bobnvic at gmail.com  |        Owner:  ijr     
     Type:  defect             |       Status:  reopened
 Priority:  minor              |    Milestone:  0.19    
Component:  mythtv             |      Version:  head    
 Severity:  medium             |   Resolution:          
Changes (by derek at battams.ca):

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 I built 8862 and it looked promising as it seemed to switch programs fine
 and play, but after nearly one minute of the next program I get the same
 symptoms (may be worth noting that both programs were 'The Simpsons').
 Unfortunately, I didn't have the verbose logging on nor was I running the
 frontend in gdb, but it appears to be the same problem.  I'm heading out
 for the night, but if another backtrace of this is needed then I can
 create one in the morning.  I also checked the recordings directory and
 there is no second file for the 5pm Simpsons, only one for the 4:30-5:00
 episode I started watching.  Please see bold lines and inline comments
 from the log entries below.

 2006-02-04 17:00:55.603 NVP: prebuffering pause[[BR]]
 2006-02-04 17:00:57.006 NVP: Prebuffer wait timed out 10 times.[[BR]]
 2006-02-04 17:00:58.406 NVP: Prebuffer wait timed out 10 times.[[BR]]
 '''2006-02-04 17:00:00.800 Finished recording The Simpsons: channel
 1115''' [[BR]]
 ''Expected, show ended at 5pm'' [[BR]]
 2006-02-04 17:00:01.214 TVRec(1): Enabling Full LiveTV UI.[[BR]]
 0: start_time: 0.036 duration: 98.162[[BR]]
 1: start_time: 0.030 duration: 98.137[[BR]]
 stream: start_time: 0.334 duration: 1090.757 bitrate=5107 kb/s[[BR]]
 2006-02-04 17:00:01.309 AFD: Opened codec 0x8253540, id(MPEG2VIDEO)
 2006-02-04 17:00:01.311 TVRec(1): RingBufferChanged()[[BR]]
 2006-02-04 17:00:01.362 AFD: Opened codec 0x81476c0, id(MP2)
 '''2006-02-04 17:00:01.375 Finished recording The Simpsons: channel
 1115''' [[BR]]
 ''Why is it saying finished again?  This airing doesn't end until 5:30''
 ''Is this why I don't see a new file for the 5pm airing?'' [[BR]]
 ''Perhaps a different reason for this particular prebuffer timeout?''
 2006-02-04 17:01:17.707 TVRec(1): Changing from WatchingLiveTV to
 2006-02-04 17:01:17.858 Finished recording The Simpsons: channel
 ''These last two are a result of me exiting back to the GUI'' [[BR]]

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