[mythtv-commits] Ticket #942: Prebuffer pauses in LiveTV with SVN 8479

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Sat Feb 4 20:00:13 UTC 2006

#942: Prebuffer pauses in LiveTV with SVN 8479
 Reporter:  bobnvic at gmail.com  |        Owner:  ijr     
     Type:  defect             |       Status:  reopened
 Priority:  minor              |    Milestone:  0.19    
Component:  mythtv             |      Version:  head    
 Severity:  medium             |   Resolution:          
Comment (by danielk):

 (In [8862]) References #942.

 This commit moves the pthread_join on the NVP thread outside the osdlock,
 so that it is safe for the NVP to grab the qApp lock.

 While trying to reproduce the bug in #942, I got the "Error encountered
 while displaying video" dialog. This was expected with what I was doing,
 but I didn't expect it to stop responding to input. Turns out that the NVP
 grabs a qApp lock when displaying this error dialog, but it does it while
 we are waiting for the thread to finish while holding the osdlock. If
 anything else is holding the qApp lock and tries to get the osdlock (which
 is the normal lock order), then we get into a deadlock situation between
 those two threads.

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