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#348: mythfilldatabase run causing AV sync issues
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 This is an old ticket, but I'm running into the same problem a year later.
 Running mythfilldatabase when an encoder is active invariably causes
 'IOBOUND' errors and results in less than stellar recordings.  This is
 with MythTV 0.19 running on a 2.66Ghz system with a single 7200RPM
 ST3160021A drive.

 I agree with the original poster -- it's odd that populating the program
 database should swamp the system.  It's possible that something as simple
 as sleeping a few milliseconds between SQL statements could reduce the
 impact of this on the system (I haven't looked at the code -- perhaps the
 SQL needs optimizing?).

 Another solution would be adding a 'run mythfilldatabase only when
 encoders are idle' feature to the scheduler.

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