[mythtv-commits] Ticket #1667: 'Recorded Programs' trying to load pixmaps although show_recorded_pixmaps=false

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Sat Aug 5 23:32:04 UTC 2006

#1667: 'Recorded Programs' trying to load pixmaps although
 Reporter:  daniel.danner at gmx.net  |        Owner:  xris      
     Type:  defect                 |       Status:  closed    
 Priority:  major                  |    Milestone:            
Component:  mythweb                |      Version:  head      
 Severity:  medium                 |   Resolution:  worksforme
Comment (by daniel.danner at gmx.net):

 If so, why does mythweb try to load those pixmaps even if
 show_recorded_pixmaps is false?

 I just synced with svn head and tried it again. Going to the recordings
 view leads to such messages in mythbackend's log:
 2006-08-06 01:27:55.827 RingBuf(/mnt/mythtv-
 unionfs/1127_20060805093000.mpg.png): Could not open /mnt/mythtv-
 2006-08-06 01:27:55.831 Preview Error: Previewer file '/mnt/mythtv-
 unionfs/1127_20060805093000.mpg' is not valid.
 2006-08-06 01:27:55.832 MainServer: Failed to make preview image.

 This is repeated for many recordings so often, until the backend freezes.
 I agree that _this_ is not mythweb's issue, but at least it should not
 happen when show_recorded_pixmaps is disabled.

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