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#1746: MythVideo logic has been lost in 0.19
 Reporter:  HappyTalk  |       Owner:  jdonavan
     Type:  defect     |      Status:  new     
 Priority:  major      |   Milestone:          
Component:  mythvideo  |     Version:  0.19    
 Severity:  medium     |  
 I have looked through the recent changes in MythVideo and it seems various
 different people have submitted changes that suit their own personal way
 of using it and have broken the global logic that was there in 0.18. In a
 bid to make things work quicker for them by 1 second my load time has gone
 from 10 to 120 seconds between 0.18 & 0.19. MythVideo is now pretty
 useless for anyone with 1000+ videos (I have 5000  music videos)

 Here are the probs:-
 Gallery/Browser view
 If you set 'video gallery browses files' = off then you are shown a
 flattened hierarchy view without subfolders so unless you have very few
 records, browsing is impossible.
 You must therefore turn 'video gallery browses files' = on. In this mode
 however it does not show files present in the metadata that it cannot find
 currently present on the local system. (Mine are on DVDr's). If I create
 dummy files, then it NOW checks to see if every single file it finds
 exists in the metadata and consequently takes over 2 minutes to startup
 MythVideo. Also in this view the filter is not available and consequently
 the browse field no longer functions so a lot of functionality is lost.
 This means that either way Gallery/Browse modes are functionally cripped
 compared to 0.18.

 List View: Setting "video list browses files'=off & 'video list loads
 metadata'=on. This loads up the metadata as per 0.18 in about 10 secs for
 5k records. It shows the file hierarchy BUT it orders sub-folders
 randomly. They seem to be ordered alphabetically based on the files they
 contain not on the actual folder name. It also displays file names not

 ALl three views now have additional NoDB options, meaning that each view
 may show different files. SO instead of as before simply flipping to
 another view, it must now rescan/reload/recheck all data so for me just
 changing view now takes 2 minutes!

 To my mind this all needs to be undone and the logic of 0.18 reinstated.
 Optimising of this for different individual user scenarios would be fine
 but not as has been done at the expense of the good underlying logic that
 0.18 laid down.

 It seems IMHO it can be simplified thus:-
 Option : Load MetaData = on/off
 Option : Show files not found in database = on/off
 Setup: 'Scan for new Videos' function that would refresh the metadata
 prompting whether to remove non found files (previously part of 'video
 Setup: 'Video Manager' as before but without auot rescanning. A rescan
 should only be done if explicity requested.
 Media Library: 'Play Videos' - works in accordance with the 2 (not 5 as
 now) options above. This means the views are just that views of the SAME
 data so can flick quickly.
 Additionally the possibility to add a .norescan file MythVideo could
 detect and therefore ignore that folder (and below) in ANY rescans. It
 would assume that ANY files in the metadata pointing there (or below) are
 fine. So in my case I would add .norescan to /myth/video/library so all my
 dummy files would NEVER be rechecked OR deleted even in a 'Scan For New
 Videos' or if 'show files not found in db' was on.

 This simplified logic seems to cater for all possibilities of large/small
 library on/off line files.

 I attach a script enabling you to create 10k records of test data (extreme
 but totally reasonable with lots of small files like music videos or home
 video clips). This will quickly demonstrate some of the problems for you
 to assess the issue (the list view sorting issue would require differently
 named files).

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