[mythtv-commits] Ticket #1735: Makefile for myththemes ignores prefix

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Tue Apr 25 17:40:14 UTC 2006

#1735: Makefile for myththemes ignores prefix
 Reporter:  gap7472 at rit.edu  |       Owner:  ijr 
     Type:  defect           |      Status:  new 
 Priority:  minor            |   Milestone:  0.20
Component:  mythtv           |     Version:  0.19
 Severity:  medium           |  
 The makefile for myththemes seems to disregard the --prefix parameter that
 was passed to its configure script. Here's the output of "make install"
 after the prefix was set to "/usr" (I'm on Gentoo; /usr/local isn't really
 used for anything):
 sh ./cpsvndir "Iulius" "/share/mythtv/themes/"
 sh ./cpsvndir "Iulius-OSD" "/share/mythtv/themes/"
 sh ./cpsvndir "Minimalist-wide" "/share/mythtv/themes/"
 sh ./cpsvndir "Titivillus" "/share/mythtv/themes/"
 sh ./cpsvndir "Titivillus-OSD" "/share/mythtv/themes/"
 sh ./cpsvndir "isthmus" "/share/mythtv/themes/"
 sh ./cpsvndir "MythCenter" "/share/mythtv/themes/"
 It's trying to copy into the /share folder instead of /usr/share. I
 believe a variable isn't being set properly, because the makefile does
 refer to that command as:

 -$(INSTALL_DIR) "<name of theme>" "$(INSTALL_ROOT)/share/mythtv/themes/"

 $INSTALL_ROOT isn't set anywhere in the Makefile.

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