[mythtv-commits] Ticket #1722: 'Spurious' streams being recorded from DVB-T sources cause lossless mpeg2 transcoding to fail with 'No more queue slots'

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Mon Apr 24 04:40:54 UTC 2006

#1722: 'Spurious' streams being recorded from DVB-T sources cause lossless mpeg2
transcoding to fail with 'No more queue slots'
 Reporter:  lennier76 at hotmail.com  |       Owner:  danielk
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Component:  dvb                    |     Version:         
 Severity:  medium                 |  
 I've never submitted a ticket before so apologies in advance if something
 here is inappropriate.
 Somewhere between changeset 9486 and changeset 9656 something changed in
 the recording of DVB streams. Possibly this is related to the DVB Radio
 changes that I've seen discussed.

 Here in Australia at least, the result seems to be additional streams
 being added to the resulting mpeg file, which appear to cause lossless
 transcoding to fail with a 'No more queue slots' error.

 Two examples from the backend log follow. The first shows an additional
 stream #0.2 flagged as mpeg2 video at 90000 fps (!). As far as I'm aware
 from previous recordings only the first two streams are valid video and

 2006-04-23 21:54:23.224 Input #0, mpegts, from
 2006-04-23 21:54:23.227   Duration: N/A, bitrate: N/A
 2006-04-23 21:54:23.230   Stream #0.0[0xa1](eng), 25.00 fps(r): Video:
 o, yuv420p, 720x576, 6000 kb/s
 2006-04-23 21:54:23.236   Stream #0.1[0x51](eng): Audio: mp2, 48000 Hz,
 192 kb/s
 2006-04-23 21:54:23.240   Stream #0.2[0x29](eng), 90000.00 fps(r): Video:
 2006-04-23 21:54:25.351 No more queue slots!

 This second example is from a recording which actually does have
 additional streams, in this case two audio streams. The additional
 'spurious' stream is #0.3 flagged as mp1 audio at 32kb/s. The same error
 results when lossless transcoding is attempted.

 2006-04-24 11:45:17.578 Input #0, mpegts, from
 2006-04-24 11:45:17.580   Duration: N/A, bitrate: N/A
 2006-04-24 11:45:17.587   Stream #0.0[0x200], 25.00 fps(r): Video:
 mpeg2video, y
 uv420p, 704x576, 12000 kb/s
 2006-04-24 11:45:17.592   Stream #0.1[0x28a](eng): Audio: mp2, 48000 Hz,
  256 kb/s
 2006-04-24 11:45:17.594   Stream #0.2[0x28b](eng): Audio: ac3, 48000 Hz,
  256 kb/s
 2006-04-24 11:45:17.596   Stream #0.3[0x240]: Audio: mp1, 32 kb/s
 2006-04-24 11:45:26.712 No more queue slots!

 Reading the recent commits and changeset logs leads me to guess that
 perhaps this is an unintended side effect of the DVB radio patches, which
 occured within the changeset range where the problem manifested. It may
 well be peculiar to Australian DVB broadcasts, which I don't think
 currently have DVB radio, but may perhaps have something that confuses the
 DVB radio stream handling stuff in Myth.

 If further information is required please let me know.



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