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Sun Apr 16 05:17:55 UTC 2006

#1696: mythtv not working since changed audio card
 Reporter:  dlm1065 at hotmail.com  |       Owner:  ijr 
     Type:  defect               |      Status:  new 
 Priority:  minor                |   Milestone:      
Component:  mythtv               |     Version:  0.19
 Severity:  medium               |  
 1st off I am new to linux, so I apologize if i am doing something

 My specs are as follows:
 * K8N-VM
 * sempron 64
 * 1 gig ram
 * nvidia 6600
 * Win TV go
 * gentoo 2.6.16-r2
 * alsa-driver-1.0.11_rc5
 * mysql-4.1.14-r1
 * mythtv-0.19_p9163-r1

 The K8N-VM uses the alsa hda-intel driver that and has a killer whine on
 the left chanel plus with the capture I couldn't run surround sound. I
 need suround so I got a Creative Audigy 2 sound card. I installed no
 problem with sound under anything. Then I started mythfrontend and I got a
 blank screen. Started it in a terminal and looking I saw this:
 2006-04-15 23:26:06.174 Opening audio device 'default'.
 X Error: BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes) 8
   Major opcode:  141
   Minor opcode:  14
   Resource id:  0x196
 2006-04-15 23:26:06.922 VideoOutputXv Error: Couldn't get the color key
                         probably due to a driver bug or limitation.
                         You might not get any video, but we'll try anyway.
 2006-04-15 23:26:07.108 TV: Changing from None to WatchingLiveTV
 2006-04-15 23:26:07.109 Using realtime priority.
 2006-04-15 23:26:07.208 Video timing method: RTC

 2006-04-15 23:26:07.347 rebuffering (1 32768)
 2006-04-15 23:26:08.507 rebuffering (4097 32768)
 2006-04-15 23:26:08.607 NVP: Prebuffer wait timed out 10 times.
 2006-04-15 23:26:09.511 RingBuf(/home/video/1022_20060415232605.nuv):
 Taking too long to be allowed to read..
 2006-04-15 23:26:09.920 NVP::AddAudioData():p1: Audio buffer overflow,
 audio data lost!
 .......line above repeats at least 62 times......

 Note: I think I had the color error before but still had the video; won't
 swear but believe that to be true.

 I know a couple more experienced linux people and in talking to them I
 mentioned my problem with the audigy 2 under myth and the 1 had just setup
 myth on a system with an audigy 2 and he also has a black screen but
 didn't remember if he had the overflow or not. He was using sound as
 modules as am I, and he said he was using slackware and a 2.6.15
 kernel(not sure which one though).

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