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#1650: mythweb doesn't handle daylight savings time correctly
 Reporter:  fhriley at yahoo.com  |        Owner:  xris    
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 I disagree. The timezone on my machine *is* set system-wide, but the
 environment provided by Apache for php does not have the timezone set. If
 you set your server timezone to America/Phoenix, you'll see the behavior
 I'm talking about. If you think about it, this makes sense because a web
 client can be running from anywhere, and the client may or may not want
 the server timezone. In mythweb's case, however, I doubt anyone will be
 running a client from a different timezone so it should be safe to use the
 server timezone. In addition, my patch doesn't even require the user to
 set the timezone since it works fine if you live in an area with DST. Do
 with it what you want, but it *is* broken for users not living with DST.

 I'm not using the SVN version, but I can't submit a patch for that as well
 if you like.

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