[mythtv-commits] Re: Ticket #369: change of file extension from nuv to mpg is wrong with a transcode

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Sat Sep 24 06:30:37 UTC 2005

#369: change of file extension from nuv to mpg is wrong with a transcode
 Reporter:  asmythtv at dsgml.com  |        Owner:  ijr   
     Type:  defect              |       Status:  closed
 Priority:  minor               |    Milestone:        
Component:  mythtv              |      Version:        
 Severity:  low                 |   Resolution:  fixed 
Changes (by cpinkham):

  * resolution:  => fixed
  * status:  new => closed


 (In [7307]) Mythtranscode/JobQueue related changes.

 * ProgramInfo
   - GetPlaybackURL() modified to also check the local host's recording
     directory in case it the client has the server's recording directory
     mounted on a different path.
   - Added ProgramInfo::SetRecordBasename(QString basename) to set a
     recording's basename in the recorded table.

 * mythtranscode
   - Modify mythtranscode to take a JobQueue ID as an argument when run
     the JobQueue rather than needing a chanid, starttime, and -d argument.
   - If a nuppel format file is generated by mythtranscode when it is being
     run from the JobQueue, mythtranscode will set a flag to tell the
     that the resulting file is in the nuppel format.
   - Change JobQueue status update and command check frequency to 20
     down from 60.

 * JobQueue
   - Add ChangeJobArgs() and GetJobArgs()
   - If the JobQueue sees that a mythtranscode run resulted in a nuppel
     file, it will check to see if it needs to rename the resulting file
     .mpg to .nuv when the old and new transcoded files are renamed.  The
     basename in the recorded table will also be updated if the file is
     renamed to .nuv.  Closes #369.

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