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Wed Sep 21 19:12:26 UTC 2005

#334: Update mythlink.pl to work with the new filenames
 Reporter:  sphery <mtdean at thirdcontact.com>  |        Owner:  xris
     Type:  patch                             |       Status:  new 
 Priority:  minor                             |    Milestone:      
Component:  mythtv                            |      Version:      
 Severity:  low                               |   Resolution:      
Comment (by anaerin at gmail.com):

 I've changed my version of mythlink.pl so it works with both (And any
 future versions) based on the DB changes that have happened. So rather
 than looking up the details by splitting the filename, it looks up the
 filename in the DB (As it should).

 # Prepare a database query
     $sh = $dbh->prepare('SELECT title, subtitle, description, recgroup,
 category, originalairdate, date_format(progstart,\'%Y\'),
 date_format(progstart,\'%m\'), date_format(progstart,\'%d\'),
 date_format(progstart,\'%H\'), date_format(progstart,\'%i\'),
 date_format(progstart,\'%S\')), date_format(progend,\'%Y\'),
 date_format(progend,\'%m\'), date_format(progend,\'%d\'),
 date_format(progend,\'%H\'), date_format(progend,\'%i\'),
 date_format(progend,\'%S\'), chanid FROM recorded WHERE basename=?');
 # Create symlinks for the files on this machine
     foreach my $file (<$video_dir/*>) {
         next if ($file =~ /^ringbuf/);
     # Pull out the various parts that make up the filename
     #    my ($channel,
     #        $syear, $smonth, $sday, $shour, $sminute, $ssecond,
     #        $eyear, $emonth, $eday, $ehour, $eminute, $esecond) = $file
     # Found a bad filename?
     #    unless ($channel) {
     #        print "Unknown filename format:  $file\n";
     #        next;
     #    }
     # Query the desired info about this recording
         $file =~ s/$video_dir\///;
             or die "Could not execute ($q):  $!\n\n";
         my ($title, $subtitle, $description, $recgroup, $category, $oad,
 $syear, $smonth, $sday, $shour, $sminute, $ssecond, $eyear, $emonth,
 $eday, $ehour, $eminute, $esecond, $channel) = $sh->fetchrow_array;
 my $rows = $sh->rows;
         # print "Got $rows, $title, $subtitle, $description, $recgroup,
 $category, $oad, $syear, $smonth, $sday, $shour, $sminute, $ssecond, $eye$
         if ($rows > 0) {
     # Format some fields we may be parsing below
         # Start time
         my $meridian = ($shour > 12) ? 'AM' : 'PM';
         my $hour = ($shour > 12) ? $shour - 12 : $shour;
         if ($hour < 10) {

 And so on...

         symlink "$video_dir/$file", "$dest/$name$suffix"
             or die "Can't create symlink $dest/$name$suffix:  $!\n";
         print "$dest/$name$suffix\n";

 This should work a lot better.

 The only (other) issue is that it causes some mpg files that were created
 with the previous version to be labelled as .nuv's, but that's not that
 major TBH.

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