[mythtv-commits] Ticket #314: Unable to use UserJobs #3 and #4

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Sat Sep 10 16:33:26 UTC 2005

#314: Unable to use UserJobs #3 and #4
 Reporter:  armin.buehler at web.de  |       Owner:  ijr 
     Type:  patch                 |      Status:  new 
 Priority:  minor                 |   Milestone:      
Component:  mythtv                |     Version:  head
 Severity:  low                   |         Cc:                        |  
 Userjobs number > 2 will not get scheduled, because of a wrong bit

 e.g. if you want to run a userjob3, the jobtype is 0x400 (JOB_USERJOB3).
 So JobQueue::JobText() tries to get the job description from the database
 by doing a bit shift of 8 which results in
 "4" instead of the "3".

 I added a new function which returns the set bit number for a userjob and
 changed the corresponding
 code segments.

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