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Thu May 5 16:40:02 UTC 2005

Changes committed by danielk on Thu May  5 16:39:42 2005

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It appears nvidia's XvMC bob-deint compensation does try to adjust for
overscan, but underestimates the amount of compensation required. I could
not figure out the formula they are using, so I can't compensate exactly.
But by only applying overscan compensation when the overscan is greater
than or equal to 5% it appears that the bob-deint compensation error
never gets too big.

Underscan works fine, the nVidia's bob-deint compensation is only wrong
when frame_height != imgh. And it appears that the newer drivers allow
a negative offset so we could actually get this right if we could detect
these drivers and not scale the source image in overscan (which is needed
by other hardware).


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