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Mon Mar 28 04:55:03 UTC 2005

Changes committed by rkulagow on Mon Mar 28 04:50:36 2005

Modified Files:
   in mythtv/docs:
        index.html mythtv-HOWTO-1.html mythtv-HOWTO-21.html 
        mythtv-HOWTO-22.html mythtv-HOWTO-3.html mythtv-HOWTO-5.html 
        mythtv-HOWTO-singlehtml.html mythtv-HOWTO.html 
        mythtv-HOWTO.pdf mythtv-HOWTO.sgml mythtv-HOWTO.txt 
Log Message:
v0.17.03, 2005-03-27.  Add Plextor ConvertX to supported hardware.  Add in some
wording on hardware - don't try to turn a crappy system into something
wonderful; just won't happen.  "run fstab -a to remount" - what the hell was
I thinking?  Add a comment to the processor flags section that CVS uses
something different / better.


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