[mythtv-commits] mythtv commits

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Sat Mar 5 06:35:02 UTC 2005

Changes committed by thor on Sat Mar  5 06:32:44 2005

Added Files:
   in mfd/mfd:
        servicelister.cpp servicelister.h 
   in mfd/mfdlib:
        service.cpp service.h 
Modified Files:
   in mfd/mfd:
        main.cpp mdserver.cpp mfd.cpp mfd.h mfd.pro pluginmanager.cpp 
        pluginmanager.h signalthread.cpp 
   in mfd/mfd/plugins/audio:
        audio.cpp main.cpp 
   in mfd/mfd/plugins/daapclient:
        daapclient.cpp daapclient.h daapinstance.cpp daapinstance.h 
   in mfd/mfd/plugins/daapserver:
   in mfd/mfd/plugins/discwatcher:
   in mfd/mfd/plugins/httpserver:
   in mfd/mfd/plugins/mmusic:
   in mfd/mfd/plugins/zeroconfig:
        main.cpp zc_client.cpp zc_client.h zc_responder.cpp 
        zc_responder.h zc_supervisor.cpp zc_supervisor.h 
   in mfd/mfdlib:
        mfd_events.cpp mfd_events.h mfd_plugin.cpp mfd_plugin.h 
Log Message:

Move the knowledge of what services are available into the core mfd object.
This makes it easier for code/plugins to register their services, and it
makes it (potentially) easier to add other service broadcasting/discovery
mechanisms. More importantly, it allows any plugin to know what services are
available simply by querying the core mfd object.


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