[mythtv-commits] Re: Ticket #27: Add a virtual keyboard to myth line edits.

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Wed Jun 29 07:18:29 UTC 2005

#27: Add a virtual keyboard to myth line edits.
       Id:  27      |      Status:  new                        
Component:  mythtv  |    Modified:  Wed Jun 29 07:18:29 2005   
 Severity:  medium  |   Milestone:                             
 Priority:  minor   |     Version:  head                       
    Owner:  ijr     |    Reporter:  jkondis <jkondis at yahoo.com>
Comment (by jkondis <jkondis at yahoo.com>):

 - To use,  hit "Enter" or "Select" while a Line Edit box is in focus.  A
 popup virtual keyboard window will appear.  Use the up/down/left/right/OK
 buttons on your remote to choose and press keys.  There is also shift (+
 lock), cursor right/left, backspace, delete, and done buttons.
 - When done, choose "Back/Exit" (or the "Escape" key on a keyboard) or
 press the "Done" key.
 - To turn off the functionality (i.e. popup won't appear when you hit
 enter on a line edit), uncheck "Use line edit virtual keyboards" in the
 Appearance->QT Themes menu window.

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