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Mon Jun 6 06:20:02 UTC 2005

Changes committed by danielk on Mon Jun  6 06:16:10 2005

Modified Files:
   in mythtv/libs/libmythtv:
        dtvsignalmonitor.cpp dtvsignalmonitor.h dvbsignalmonitor.cpp 
        dvbsignalmonitor.h hdtvrecorder.cpp hdtvrecorder.h 
        libmythtv.pro pchdtvsignalmonitor.cpp pchdtvsignalmonitor.h 
        signalmonitor.cpp signalmonitor.h 
   in mythtv/libs/libmythtv/mpeg:
        atscstreamdata.cpp atscstreamdata.h atsctables.cpp 
        mpegstreamdata.cpp mpegstreamdata.h 
Log Message:

Nothing in this commit adds any user visible features to MythTV.

libmythtv.pro has been modified to let the makefile compile dvbtables and 
dvbstreamdata, now that mpegstreamdata is synced with my local version.
hdtvrecorder has simply been updated to connect to the new mpegstreamdata
signals (described below), and atsctables.cpp has just had it's formatting
cleaned up.

mpegstreamdata now has a better division between the methods that apply
when you are using it to filter out a single program, and when you want
info on all the programs. To that end there are now two signals emitted
on each new PATs and most new PMTs, one UpdatePAT()/UpdatePMT() emits the
table actually in the source stream, while UpdatePATSingleProgram(), 
UpdatePMTSingleProgram() emit tables processed to contain just the one
program we are interested in. UpdatePMTSingleProgram() is actually only
emitted when we see a PMT in the desired stream so unlike UpdatePMT(),
which is fired for each program in the stream, no pid is associated 
with the signal.

atscstreamdata has had it's formatting cleanup up and also the TSID 
is sent along with VCT tables instead of the PID. The TSID is 
supposed to be unique, but the PID may not be... Both are available
from the VCT table itself, though getting the pid from a PSIP packet
is a bit baroque.

Finally, there have been some refactorings and new functionality added to
the signalmonitoring classes. The flags have been moved from 
DTVSignalMonitor to SignalMonitor, and the "Signal Strength" signal
has been made optional, while all current implementations support
such a thing, it is no longer strictly needed, only "Signal Lock"
is required. In DTVSignalMonitor, I've added the ability to detect
PAT, PMT, MGT, and VCT tables. There are stubs for NIT and SDT tables
as well. DVBSignalMonitor and pcHDTVSignalMonitor have been modified
to start looking for the needed tables, if it is told either which
program number or minor and major channels it is looking for.
Service ID need's to be added for the DVBSignalMonitor, but I'm
just getting the ATSC stuff to work first.


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