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#153: Mismatched versions in stable release
       Id:  153     |      Status:  reopened                
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    Owner:  ijr     |    Reporter:  chuck_chapman at yahoo.com 
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 I didn't mean the version numbers themselves were mentioned on the website
 -- but on your main page it says:

 "If you'd like to get the stable 0.18.2 branch, do this instead:..."
 blah, blah, blah

 If you use the commands specifed there and grab that snapshot of MythTV
 and its plugins, the versions of MythTV and its plugins don't match.  If
 you get into MythTV and try to run, say, MythWeather, it complains about
 libmyth having version and MythWeather having version  Is there a workaround to force MythTV to ignore
 version numbers???  If not, I'll have to go back to the "official" 0.18.1

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