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Wed Jul 20 08:35:07 EDT 2005

#137: curious behaviour on rewinding
       Id:  137     |      Status:  new                          
Component:  mythtv  |    Modified:  Wed Jul 20 12:35:07 2005     
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    Owner:  ijr     |    Reporter:  Simon Kenyon <simon at koala.ie>
 when i rewind in live-tv and then play, the first frame of the ringbuffer
 is displayed for a brief moment before the current frame (to which you had

 i realised this yesterday when i changed channel in live-tv and the
 beginning of the recording had a really nasty diagonal orange wipe (ok, so
 it *was* MTV). after watching a bit, there was a piece i wished to replay,
 so i rewound and when i got to where i wanted to watch again i hit play;
 to be greeted by that nasty orange wipe for about 1/10th of a second.

 it might be related to the issue where if you cut the first part of a
 recording it always plays the first frame. sort of messes the experience

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