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Fri Jan 28 00:35:03 EST 2005

Changes committed by cpinkham on Fri Jan 28 00:30:14 2005

Modified Files:
   in mythtv/programs/mythfrontend:
        playbackbox.cpp playbackbox.h 
Log Message:

Kevin Kuphal's improved popup menus for dealing with "playlists" on the
    Watch Recordings screen.  Here's the patch description from his email:

    - Moves all Playlist functions to a "Playlist Options" button off the 
    MENU key as they are more appropriately accessed from that universal 
    menu rather than the INFO menu of an individual recording.  Before a 
    playlist is created the button will allow adding the selected title or 
    highlighted group to a playlist. 

    - Playlist Options popup includes the Play, Shuffle Play, Clear 
    Playlist, and Toggle Playlist for selected item actions.  It also 
    includes options which affect all items in the playlist: Change 
    Recording Group and Delete

    - The INFO menu adds a single new option to Add/Remove the highlighted 
    recording to the Playlist

    - The INFO play button returns to playing the individual recording.  
    Pressing PLAY acts as it did prior to the playlist functionality.  The 
    only way to Play a Playlist is to enter the MENU, choose Playlist 
    Options, and select Play.  This was done to maintain the individual item 
    functionality currently in the system while adding Playlist options and 
    not changing the default behavior people have come to expect.


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