[mythtv-commits] Re: Ticket #222: DVB: Use TS format by default

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Tue Aug 16 16:38:58 UTC 2005

#222: DVB: Use TS format by default
 Reporter:  jesper at datapartner.se  |        Owner:  ijr 
     Type:  patch                  |       Status:  new 
 Priority:  minor                  |    Milestone:  0.19
Component:  mythtv                 |      Version:      
 Severity:  low                    |   Resolution:      
       Cc:                         |  
Comment (by kirwin at ncsu.edu):

 We already changed it to be the default for new users a while back.   The
 earlier change was also supposed to change it for existing users upon the
 next database upgrade, but I botched that one.  Sorry.

 This patch goes a lot further, even changing the setting for existing
 users, who, presumably like their settings how they are.  This I think is
 a bad idea.  Users can change their own settings if they don't like the
 results.  Changing their settings without telling them is bad.  In
 general, I would argue, user settings should only be changed when code
 changes make it so that those settings are broken or inapplicable.

 It also updates the database version in order to forcibly push through the
 default change in the table.  This I had chosen not to do with my patch,
 but is probably not unreasonable.  If it were my decision, I would add the
 code for the next update, but not update the db version for just a change
 in the default setting.  That way the change would go through whenever
 someone made a significant enough change to the database to require an
 upgrade.  If I had put the code in the right place in my patch, this would
 have already happened.  Sorry.  But if you want to bump the database
 version, I certainly won't complain.


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