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Sat Aug 6 23:58:35 UTC 2005

#201: DVB: For streams not correctly identifying as video
 Reporter:  atomjack at gmail.com  |        Owner:  ijr    
     Type:  patch               |       Status:  closed 
 Priority:  minor               |    Milestone:         
Component:  mythtv              |      Version:  head   
 Severity:  medium              |   Resolution:  wontfix
       Cc:                      |  
Comment (by KeithIrwin at yahoo.com):

 As the person who last touched the code in this vicinity, I'd like to add
 that Isaac is completely correct here.  The patch is not sensible.

 Atomjack, you do not understand how a switch statement in C/++ works.  A
 case statement is a label.  Everything between a given label and the next
 break statement is executed.  So, your patch will not change the function
 of the code at all.

 If the the tuning was working incorrectly before you patched it and
 correctly afterwards, I would suggest that was has most likely happened is
 that before the change, you were not running the most up-to-date version
 of the code, perhaps due to something silly like failing to install it or
 having two versions of the binaries installed in different locations.  The
 fix to recognize OpenCable-labeled MPEG-2 streams in TS mode was made over
 a month ago before the switch to TS mode as the default, but after the
 0.18.1 release.


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