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Wed Apr 20 04:45:02 UTC 2005

Changes committed by cpinkham on Wed Apr 20 04:44:05 2005

Modified Files:
   in mythtv/libs/libmythtv:
Log Message:

* Commmercial Flagging changes:
  - Fix a logic bug that crept in in my recent speedup patch.
  - Rearrange some debugging statements.
  - Revert the change (temporarily for now) that made strict mode require
    blank frames to be totally blank so frames with logos on them but
    otherwise blank would not be detected as so in strict mode.  
  - Remove some old code that required blank-frame detection to find at least
    one commercial break before the ALL method would work.
  - Fix a logic bug that that would prevent the first commercial break in a
    recording from being flagged sometimes.


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