[mythtv-commits] mythtv commits

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Tue Sep 28 01:55:03 EDT 2004

Changes committed by xris on Tue Sep 28 05:53:26 2004

Added Files:
   in nuvexport/export:
        DVCD.pm DVD.pm MP3.pm MPEG2_cut.pm NUV_SQL.pm SVCD.pm VCD.pm 
        WMV.pm XviD.pm ffmpeg.pm generic.pm transcode.pm 
   in nuvexport/man:
   in nuvexport/mythtv:
        db.pm nuvinfo.pm recordings.pm 
   in nuvexport/nuv_export:
        shared_utils.pm task.pm ui.pm 
Modified Files:
   in nuvexport:
        install.sh nuvexport nuvinfo 
Removed Files:
   in nuvexport:
        export_DVCD.pm export_DVD.pm export_DivX.pm export_MP3.pm 
        export_MPEG2_cut.pm export_NUV_SQL.pm export_OGM.pm 
        export_SVCD.pm export_Trans_DVCD.pm export_Trans_SVCD.pm 
        export_Trans_VCD.pm export_Trans_XviD.pm export_VCD.pm 
        export_WMV.pm gui_cli.pm gui_text.pm nuv_utils.pm 
Log Message:
Too much to comment on, check the listserv archive for details..

This is a complete rewrite of nuvexport, with a better API that will
hopefully make it easier for integration with mythweb and mythbackend's
job task table, too.

Manpage, makefile, rpm and better installer are forthcoming, too.


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