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Sun Sep 5 22:35:03 EDT 2004

Changes committed by thor on Mon Sep  6 02:32:53 2004

Modified Files:
   in mythtv/libs/libmythui:
        libmythui.pro mythmainwindow.cpp 
Log Message:

Make main windows conform to settings values for window width and height.

Nigel Pearson's .pro fixes for Mac OS X.

Changes committed by cpinkham on Mon Sep  6 02:33:04 2004

Modified Files:
   in mythtv/programs/mythfrontend:
        statusbox.cpp statusbox.h 
   in mythtv/themes/default:
Log Message:

Patch by Kevin Kuphal to add Log viewing to Myth's status screen along with
	various other mino tweaks.  Kevin's patch description below (slightly

    - Shows DVB Status only when DVB support is compiled
    - Detailed status now shows without explicit SELECT when moving up and 
      down the category list.  SELECT here will still update the content on 
      the right.
    - LEFT/RIGHT moves between category list and logged items list when 
    - 1-8 selects the priority of the log viewing when in the log category
    - MENU key will prompt to acknowledge all items at this or lower 
      priority when in the log category
    - SELECT on an individual item will prompt to acknoweldge it and reset 
      the list if acknowledged
    - Minor improvements to the UI XML to support these features
    - Removed text area in favor of storing all content in QMap and updating
      list area from content map.  Map and list are now used for all status
      info instead of some using the text area and some the list area.
    - Tuner status now shows detail in the text area like the log entries


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