[mythtv-commits] mythtv commits

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Fri Nov 26 08:00:02 UTC 2004

Changes committed by xris on Fri Nov 26 07:59:32 2004

Added Files:
   in mythweb/includes:
Modified Files:
   in mythweb/includes:
        init.php utils.php 
Log Message:
initial commit for new translation scheme.  English.php file following shortly
that will actually make this stuff work.

new scheme deals away with the old _LANG_...  constants, and uses a gettext-like
function t() to translate strings listed in a hash (defined in the language files.
The transition will be gradual over the next few days, and unfortunately will 
require rewriting the translations.  But this will let us do some much nicer
translations (full sentences, rather than broken bits of sentences).


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