[mythtv-commits] mythtv commits

mythtv at cvs.mythtv.org mythtv at cvs.mythtv.org
Fri Jun 25 19:35:11 EDT 2004

Changes committed by ijr on Fri Jun 25 23:31:57 2004

Modified Files:
   in mythtv/libs/libmyth:
        remotefile.cpp util.cpp 
   in mythtv/libs/libmythtv:
        NuppelVideoPlayer.cpp NuppelVideoPlayer.h RingBuffer.cpp 
        avformatdecoder.cpp avformatdecoder.h dvbchannel.cpp osd.cpp 
        tv_rec.cpp tv_rec.h 
   in mythtv/programs/mythbackend:
        filetransfer.cpp filetransfer.h 
Log Message:
Pull a couple things from Kenneth Aafloy's big 'experimental' patch.
Move a few dynamic buffers to be members of the class, to cut down on memory allocation time.
Eg Wildgoose's fix for the videofilter race condition.
Doug Larrick's one liner to tweak video card a/v sync.
Steve Brown's fix for DVB stuff.


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