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Thu Jan 29 23:15:06 EST 2004

Changes committed by rkulagow on Thu Jan 29 23:10:22 2004

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        index.html mythtv-HOWTO-10.html mythtv-HOWTO-21.html 
        mythtv-HOWTO-singlehtml.html mythtv-HOWTO.html 
        mythtv-HOWTO.pdf mythtv-HOWTO.sgml mythtv-HOWTO.txt 
Log Message:
v0.13.15, 2004-01-29.  Add Bruce Markey's filter docs.  Add dedicated
section on running MythTV on Tivo / ReplayTV.  If anyone wants to add text
about tivoweb or dvarchive for the ReplayTV to be more accurater, send it.


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