[mythtv-commits] mythtv commits

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Fri Aug 27 08:15:04 EDT 2004

Changes committed by jdonavan on Fri Aug 27 12:10:31 2004

Modified Files:
   in mythvideo/mythvideo:
        metadata.cpp metadata.h videotree.cpp 
Log Message:
Patch from David Härdeman to allow meta data display for files that have it when in file mode on the video tree.

Patch from Leo Weppelman (broken out from a patch by Xavier) that allows removeable disks to be displayed in the video tree.  The MediaMonitor needs a way to eject data CDs for this to be really useful IMO, since once you stick one in, it's in for good on my system...  I've got a ton of crap on my plate at the moment so if someone want to look at this that'd be great.


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