[mythtv-commits] mythtv commits

mythtv at cvs.mythtv.org mythtv at cvs.mythtv.org
Wed Nov 12 01:15:07 EST 2003

Changes committed by ijr on Wed Nov 12 06:13:39 2003

Added Files:
   in mythtv/libs/libavcodec:
        8bps.c parser.c smc.c 
   in mythtv/libs/libavformat:
        amr.c au.c audio.c barpainet.c barpainet.h beosaudio.cpp crc.c 
        dv1394.c dv1394.h ffm.c framehook.c framehook.h gif.c gifdec.c 
        grab.c http.c idcin.c idroq.c img.c ipmovie.c jpeg.c movenc.c 
        mp3.c nut.c ogg.c png.c pnm.c psxstr.c qtpalette.h raw.c rtp.c 
        rtp.h rtpproto.c rtsp.c rtsp.h rtspcodes.h segafilm.c swf.c 
        tcp.c udp.c wc3movie.c westwood.c yuv.c yuv4mpeg.c 
Modified Files:
   in mythtv/libs/libavcodec:
        4xm.c a52dec.c ac3enc.c adpcm.c adx.c allcodecs.c asv1.c 
        avcodec.h cinepak.c cljr.c common.c common.h cyuv.c dsputil.c 
        dsputil.h dv.c dvdata.h error_resilience.c eval.c faad.c 
        faandct.c ffv1.c h263.c h263dec.c h264.c huffyuv.c 
        idcinvideo.c imgconvert.c indeo3.c interplayvideo.c jfdctfst.c 
        jfdctint.c libavcodec.pro mdec.c mjpeg.c motion_est.c mpeg12.c 
        mpegaudio.c mpegaudio.h mpegaudiodec.c mpegvideo.c mpegvideo.h 
        msmpeg4.c msrle.c msvideo1.c oggvorbis.c opts.c ra288.c 
        ratecontrol.c resample.c roqvideo.c rpza.c rv10.c svq1.c 
        svq3.c utils.c vcr1.c vp3.c vqavideo.c wmv2.c xan.c 
   in mythtv/libs/libavcodec/i386:
        mpegvideo_mmx.c mpegvideo_mmx_template.c 
   in mythtv/libs/libavcodec/liba52:
   in mythtv/libs/libavformat:
        4xm.c allformats.c asf.c avformat.h avi.h avidec.c dv.c dv.h 
        flvdec.c libavformat.pro mov.c mpeg.c mpegts.c mpegts.h rm.c 
        utils.c wav.c 
   in mythtv/libs/libmythtv:
        avformatdecoder.cpp avformatdecoder.h 
Log Message:
ffmpeg resync.  Include the files I left out of libavformat before to ease
future updating.

*NOTE* mpeg-2 playback was rather heavily affected by this -- the interface
to libavformat changed quite drastically.  I'm pretty sure things are working
properly, but, who knows.


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