[mythtv-commits] mythtv commits

mythtv at ijr.dnsalias.org mythtv at ijr.dnsalias.org
Sun Jun 22 01:10:02 EDT 2003

Changes committed by ijr on Sun Jun 22 00:05:37 2003

Modified Files:
   in mythtv:
   in mythtv/libs/libdvbdev:
   in mythtv/libs/libmythtv:
        NuppelVideoPlayer.cpp channel.h dvbchannel.cpp dvbchannel.h 
        dvbrecorder.cpp tv_play.cpp tv_rec.cpp 
   in mythtv/programs/mythbackend:
   in mythtv/programs/mythfrontend:
Log Message:
Fix the scheduler bug reported by Mark Blair.
Patch by Ben Bucksch to update the DVB support.
Couple patches by David Engel to add some additional keybindings to edit mode
and add a setting to always save the current playback position on exiting


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