[mythtv-commits] mythtv commits

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Fri Apr 18 00:35:02 EDT 2003

Changes committed by jdanner on Thu Apr 17 23:30:37 2003

Modified Files:
   in MC/libs/libmyth:
        mythcontext.h uitypes.cpp uitypes.h xmlparse.cpp 
   in MC/libs/libmythtv:
   in MC/programs/mythfrontend:
        playbackbox.cpp viewscheduled.cpp viewscheduled.h 
   in MC/themes/blue:
   in MC/themes/liquid:
Log Message:
Updated the UIListType to be able to show any number of fonts/colors <- updated program finder, playback,
delete to use this instead of the old (and now removed) <active> and <inactive> tags. Update the blue and
liquid ui.xml for this change as well.
Updated the Conflict Resolution/Scheduled Recordings screen to use new ui.xml file.

If you are using a theme that doesn't have the new <fcnfont> tags, the frontend will likely die with an
error message similar to: 'Unknown tag in listarea: forcecolor' <- the theme's ui.xml must be updated -
sorry :(

(incremented version string in libmyth library)


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